All horses are put into their own customized program based on their needs and/or veterinary protocols. Each horse is handled on a case-by-case basis, however these are our more standard care packages. Please contact the Admiral Gratton Legacy Farm for a current fee schedule.

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Basic Rehabilitation: 
This is our base Rehabilitation package and is for horses with fairly straightforward rehabilitative programs. Horses requiring higher levels of care can add other services to this package or take advantage of another package.

High Maintenance Rehabilitation:
This package is appropriate for horses immediately following surgery or an acute injury. In most cases, this package is used for 1-3 months, then changed to either the Basic Rehabilitation or Equine Athlete package.

Equine Athlete Injury Rehabilitation:
This package is best suited to horses in the latter stages of their recovery or those who are returning to work after lay-up.

Game Ready Rehabilitation:
This is an add-on service available to any package

Laser Therapy Rehabilitation:
This is an add-on service available to any package

Premium Boarding Care:
This package is for owners who wish for their horse to simply live well at the Admiral Gratton Legacy Farm. It is available with or without exercise/riding services.

Spa Package:
Surprisingly, one of more popular packages. This package is targeted to horses ranging from ones that need some ‘down-time’ from a hectic show environment, a young horses being prepared to start their showing career, or a horse that just needs some sprucing up and TLC!

Customize Your Package:
The ability to completely customize your horse’s package is available. All you need to do is sit down with us and discuss it.