The Admiral Gratton Legacy Farm helps horse owners by reducing the stress and time constraints involved with successfully bringing a horse back from injury or illness. High-quality, experienced Rehabilitation and Lay-up care provided by the Admiral Gratton team helps give the horse the best possible chance at a full recovery. Not only will you benefit by having your veternarian prescribed protocols followed without ‘any corners being cut’; but you will benefit from the knowledge of a team that focuses on the highest level of health care and recovery progress.

All horses at the Admiral Gratton Legacy Farm, regardless of their reason for staying, have their program managed by Chandra McMillan. Having one person oversee all aspects of a horse’s care and exercise program is beneficial for a number of reasons; the main reason is that it ensures consistency. Whether it is observing healing wounds, analyzing a horse’s movement for lameness, monitoring illness or judging its overall well-being, it works best when there is a consistent eye watching all variables. This accountability and high level of knowledge is why clients continue to send their horses to the Admiral Gratton Legacy Farm. Caring for a recovering horse takes hours each day and most barns cannot dedicate that level of time/care. We provide services to fill that gap.

What type of horse does the Admiral Gratton Legacy Farm typically work with? We work with all disciplines: from Show-jumpers to Race horses, horses that are loved as backyard pets right through to those involved in the top level of today’s International competitions.

For 15 years we have worked diligently at Rehabilitating horses with a wide variety of injuries and issues. It is this experience, coupled with our continued training, that enable us to contribute a well-educated opinion and help guide you through the various milestones your horse should be reaching as it heals and repairs itself. By working with your horse on a daily basis, we will ensure that no detail is missed.